Hazy Morning

The Pragse Wildsee or Lago di Braies is one of the many beautiful lakes in the dolomite area and it is situated in South Tyrol. It is an iconic place and one of the most photographed places in the dolomites.  I stayed one night during my last trip in Italy and I had perhaps the most beautiful morning in my photographic journey till now. I arrived at the lake 45 min before the sunrise and everything was covered by thick fog and the atmosphere was so hazy. After few minutes the fog started to disappear  and you could see the peaks of the mountains and some colours in the sky from the rising sun. I know that I will never forget that hazy morning in my life. This a is one single exposure taken with the Nikon D610 , the Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G ED  and a 10-stop ND filter. Settings I used to take this image are : 30sec – f/10 – ISO 100.

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